Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Corporate wear

  • Do wear comfortable shoes and hosiery to complement your outfit.
  • Do wear natural looking makeup.
  • Do wear appropriate jewelry (no bangles or dangly earrings).
  • Do keep hair and nails clean and neat.
  • Do Not overpower your appearance with heavy perfume!
  • Do Not wear elaborate hairstyles.
  • Do Not wear jeans or casual slacks.
  • Do Not wear trendy fashions with built-in obsolescence.


tulipspeaks said...

hi there. thanks for the visit.


elise said...

who says what we HAVE and DONT HAVE to wear? I am sure it correspond to a certain type of job, but... it sounds a bit bossy, don't you think? :-)

anits said...

Hi elise thank you for your comment..anyway I agree what you have said...It is just a guideline for the readers..