Thursday, March 29, 2007

Natural Beauty Tips

  • Once a week, rub your skin with baking soda while in the shower, for a smooth, silky feeling. You can also do this on your face to remove black heads.
  • As for your feet, if you suffer with athlete's foot, a week of vinegar foot bath will help a lot, sometimes completely getting rid of your condition.Vinegar can work wonders for smelly feet and armpits. Mix water and vinegar 50/50, and use in place of deodorant.
  • Fresh tomatoes are great for the oily areas of your face

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Whiten your teeth

Not many people are aware that strawberries contain natural teeth whitening agents and the seeds work great for cleaning. Since they also contain sugar and acids, it's important to brush immediately afterwards with a fluoride toothpaste. For easy and quick application, you can either rub the strawberry against your teeth, or mash it up and use it like toothpaste.

Produce such as apples, pears, celery, carrots, cauliflower and cucumbers produce saliva that combines with a food's natural fibers, naturally cleaning your teeth and removing bacteria

Monday, March 26, 2007

Glowing face tips

1. Apply orange juice to the face for smooth and soft skin.

2. Take 30 ml. of cabbage juice and mix one teaspoon of honey in it. This mixture, if applied regularly to the face, helps to keep the wrinkles away.

3. Make a paste of raw carrots and apply it to the face. Wash it after one hour. The skin will become glowing.

4. Make a paste of green apple and apply it to the face. Wash it after 15 minutes. Then you can enjoy your glowing face.

5. Regular application of mint juice to the face helps to remove stains.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Red Lips Tips

Lips get dark due to various reason that is use of some cheap brand of lipstick, sun exposure, heavy application of lipstick, drinking tea or coffee in excess. Vitamins, iron and fresh air keeps the lips red.

Carrot and orange juice should be taken for maintaining red lips.

Tips for maintaining red lips:

  • Before going to bed massage your lips with drops of glycerine, lime juice and honey.
  • Lemon is natural bleach apply it with a little glycerine at night.
  • Almond oil is good for discoloration of skin. It can be used any where in the body.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Fruit Juice

Fruit and vegetable juices are good sources of the traditional nutrients.

Citrus fruits (grapefruit, oranges, etc.) provide healthy portions of vitamin C.

Carrot juice contains large quantities of vitamin A, in the form of beta carotene.

A number of green juices are a good source of vitamin E. Fruit juices are a good source of essential minerals like iron, copper, potassium, sodium, iodine, and magnesium, which are bound by the plant in a form that is most easily assimilated during digestion.

Cucumbers are high in silica, which is a mineral that strengthens your connective tissues and is good for tendons, muscles, cartilage, bones and ligaments. It is also good for skin elasticity, fingernails and complexion

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Alternative to LowFat Food

For chicken, white meat contains less fat than dark meat. Try to buy boneless, skinless, chicken breasts. These contain relatively little fat. Turkey can be substituted for chicken.

Tuna can be purchased packed in oil or water. Tuna packed in water contains almost no fat. Tuna packed in oil contains considerably more fat.

Lowfat cream of mushroom and chicken soups are now available at your grocery store. Check the labels to see which one is lowest in total fat grams per serving.

Butter can be eliminated from some recipes. When browning onions, hamburger, etc., you can spray your skillet with nonstick spray or use chicken or beef broth instead of butter to cook with.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Corporate wear

  • Do wear comfortable shoes and hosiery to complement your outfit.
  • Do wear natural looking makeup.
  • Do wear appropriate jewelry (no bangles or dangly earrings).
  • Do keep hair and nails clean and neat.
  • Do Not overpower your appearance with heavy perfume!
  • Do Not wear elaborate hairstyles.
  • Do Not wear jeans or casual slacks.
  • Do Not wear trendy fashions with built-in obsolescence.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Home based skin care tips

Some home-based natural skin care tips would be as follows:

Buttermilk/cream and yogurt make excellent skin cleansers. They are also excellent for giving a glowing, uniform color and skin tone. They have been used for wrinkle reduction and plumping/rejuvenating the skin.

After-bath application of almond oil is undoubtedly a great treat for the skin - the suppleness and glow it brings to the skin is unmatched by even the very best of moisturizers.

Regular application of honey or yogurt makes the skin soft and has a gentle bleaching effect.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Benefit of wheatgrass

Some of the benefits of wheatgrass include:

  • Increase of hemoglobin production;
  • Rebuilding of the blood stream;
  • Purifying the blood;
  • Improving the body's ability to heal wounds;
  • Neutralizing toxins and carcinogens in the body;
  • Helping to purify the liver;
  • Improving digestion;
  • Removing heavy metals from the body.
  • Wheatgrass juice is a safe, effective, and an extremely potent aid to weight loss.
  • It works by suppressing appetite, and by stimulating metabolism and circulation.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Choose happines and throw away STRESS

The appearance of things change according to the emotions, and thus we see magic and beauty in them, while the magic and beauty are really in ourselves.

Kahlil Gibran

We cannot be happy if we expect to live all the time at the highest peak of intensity. Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.

Thomas Merton

Every man is the builder of a temple, called his body, to the god he worships, after a style purely his own, nor can he get off by hammering marble instead. We are all sculptors and painters, and our material is our own flesh and blood and bones.

Henry David Thoreau

Friday, March 16, 2007

Face care

How to make our face to be smooth and glow as baby's skin?

  • Apply orange juice to the face for smooth and soft skin.

  • To keep wrinkles away, take 30 ml. of cabbage juice and mix one teaspoon of honey in it. This mixture, if applied regularly to the face.

  • Make a paste of raw carrots and apply it to the face. Wash it after one hour. The skin will become glowing.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Beauty secret

  • Mix equal quantities of cucumber juice, rose water and lime juice. Wash the face and apply it overnight. Rinse off in the morning. This clears the complexion and keeps it healthy.

  • Take 50 ml. of raw milk and mix a pinch of salt and two teaspoonful of lime juice in it. Use it as a cleansing lotion. It helps to clean the deep pores of skin.

  • Lime juice + almond (grounded) is always good for face glow

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Benefits of Honey

Eyesight - Regular use of honey mixed with the carrot juice helps to improve the eyesight. It should be taken one hour before meals in the morning.

Cough - Mixture of equal quantities of honey and ginger juice is a good expectorant. It gives immediate relief in symptoms like cold, cough, sore throat, congestion of chest and runny nose.

Blood Purification and Fat Reduction - Take one glass of warm water and mix 1-2 teaspoonful of honey and one teaspoonful of lemon juice. Take this preparation daily before evacuation. It helps to purify the blood. It also helps to reduce fat and to clean the bowels.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nature relaxing your mind

Nature can be a great stress-reducer. Drive to the ocean and take a walk on the beach or just watch the waves rolling ashore. Stroll through a flower garden or nature trail. Listen to a tape of ocean sounds or birds.

Relaxing for 15 minutes or more a day, using these techniques or others that you might discover on your own, can go a long way in relieving stress.

You will be able to free your mind from all the burdens as you enter the charming world of NATURE

Tomato as medicine

Several medical books and journals have described medicinal uses of tomato. These are enumerated as under for ready reference:

  • Tomato juice keeps the blood stream alkaline and thus maintain a high resistance to disease. It is very rich in iron and potash salts.
  • Half-ripe tomatoes offer an excellent remedy in all sorts of liver troubles. Tomatoes stimulate torpid liver and are very good for dyspepsia, diarrhoea and dysentery.
  • Being a rich source of vitamin A, it is a dependable preventive against eye troubles.
  • Tomato is a nervine tonic. It is very useful in all sorts of nervous disorders.
  • As it is a rich source of vitamin C, it is very valuable in scurvy.
  • Half ripe tomatoes are very valuable in summer diarrhoea. But it should be taken with musumbi (lime) juice.
  • It is also very effective in dysentery. But it should be taken with garlic and musumbi (lime) juice.
  • Half-ripe tomatoes are very useful in hot summer months as it prevents sun-stroke or heat-stroke.
  • Tomatoes are usually effective in heartburn, flatulence or indigestion.
  • Half-ripe tomatoes are usually given in dyspepsia.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Eye Brow Care

Threading is more effective and less painful than tweezing.
Hair re-growth becomes finer and more sparse after regular treatments.

A few of the other benefits are as follows:

  • Threading is an incredibly fast method of removing facial hair and is considerably less painful than plucking.
  • It is a relatively inexpensive method of hair removal
  • Re-growth is between 4-6 weeks (depending on hair growth)
  • It gives the eyebrow a much more clearer, precise and defined shape
  • As chemicals or heat are not applied to the skin, it reduces the chances of irritation, inflammation and loss of elasticity.
  • Threading does not cause a green shadowy effect that plucking or waxing can.
  • The hair grows back finer after threading as compared to plucking, which can make hair dark and coarse
  • Threading can get rid of smaller, individual hairs as well as groups of hair.
  • Threading does not cause ingrown hair as it is pulled directly from the root.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Healthy life with laughter

Laughter, it's said, the best medicine. And there's lots of evidence that laughter does lots of good things for us.

Seriously, scientists have found that laughter is a form of internal massaging that exercises the body and stimulates the release of beneficial brain neurotransmitters and hormones. A positive outlook and laughter are actually good for your health!

Did you know that a good belly laugh gives you the same benefits as an aerobic workout? Laughter boosts the immune system and lessens pain, and it also reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and has a beneficial effect on our overall well-being. Laughter may also help protect you against a heart attack

Friday, March 9, 2007

Bye bye to Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation disorders occur because the body produces either too much or too little melanin, a pigment that creates hair, skin, and eye color. Melanin protects the body by absorbing ultraviolet light.


  • Grind five almonds and mix with 1 teaspoon of fresh cream and a few drops of lemon juice. Apply this paste to the face and neck. Leave on for about fifteen minutes.
  • Apply papaya juice, or mashed papaya, to the affected areas.
  • Grind equal amounts of sesame seeds and turmeric in a small quantity of
  • Water Apply to the face or discolored skin.
  • Make a paste from basil (tulsi) leaves and water to use on the affected skin.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Say NO to acne

1. 3 apples
2. 2 teaspoons of honey
Peel off the apple’s skin and seeds, cut into small pieces and blend with honey.
To apply
Mask the blended ingredients on your face for 5-10 minutes and rinse off with pure water. Vitamin C and natural fruit acids in apple will help controlling facial oil, reducing acne and removing dead cells.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Beauty Skin Care

Morning Skin Cleanser/Rejuvenator

Every morning 15 minutes before taking your bath

1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon orange juice
1 teaspoon olive oil and
few drops of rose water
few drops of lime juice

Mix the above ingredients together and apply on your skin.

Beauty Mask for Dry Skin

1 egg
1 teaspoon of honey,
1/2 teaspoon of olive oil and
few drops of rose water

Mix the ingredients thoroughly and use as a mask.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Natural Eyelash

Instead of using expensive eyelash or eyebrow gel, just take some clear lip balm, rub it between your fingers and then rub your eyelashes between your fingers. It will make them more defined instead of clumpy gel or mascara. BY NATASHA

After taking a shower, go directly to the fringe and get an ice cube. Put the ice cube in a glass and QUICKLY. First brush your eye brows so that they look neatly groomed. Then take the ice cube and apply to eye brows in smooth strokes to attain a natural look and a breezy feeling. BY ANDREA G

Oatmeal for skin care

Oatmeal is an excellent skin conditioner. Follow these easy steps:
  • warm some oatmeal in milk
  • add honey and
  • a few drops of olive oil
Scrub it onto your face. Leave for a few minutes and wash with warm water.
You can also use oatmeal and milk and lime juice as a natural body scrub in the shower
The best way is to mix the stuff and refrigerate and you can use it whenever u like.

Your skin will glow like a baby.

Goodness of Oatmeal

According to the American Cancer Society:

1. Insoluble fiber's cancer-fighting properties are due to the fact that it attacks certain bile acids, reducing their toxicity.

2. Soluble fiber may reduce LDL cholesterol without lowering HDL cholesterol. LDL is bad; HDL is good.

3. Soluble fiber slows down the digestion of starch. This may be beneficial to diabetics because, when you slow down the digestion of starch, you avoid the sharp rises in your blood sugar level that usually occurs following a meal.

4. It has been found that those who eat more oats are less likely to develop heart disease, a disease that is currently widespread in the United States.

5. The phytochemicals in oat may also have cancer-fighting properties.

6. Oats are a good source of many nutrients including vitamin E, zinc, selenium, copper, iron, manganese and magnesium. Oats are also a good source of protein.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Healthy home living

Your bed should always have a solid wall behind you. This is important if you wish to have a good rest. A solid wall simply means that you can go into deeper sleep and therefore enabling you to have good rest so that when you wake up in the morning, you will feel fresh and well rested. This also allows you to be able to concentrate on your work better.
  • There should be no beam on top of your bed. The beam above causes chi to be pressured thus enabling you to have pressures in life. Therefore, don't place furniture underneath it or alternatively level the beam. But make sure if you choose the latter, it is important that you have enough height for that space.
  • If you have a lot of work pressure, maybe it's the marble table that you have in your dinning room that causes you to have those problems. Remove that marble table and change to a wooden one or alternatively live with that work pressure!
  • If your child usually falls sick in that bedroom: Then either change them to another bedroom or simply hang a six rod metal wind chime as the metal element will break all the earth energies in that room. After hanging, if the wind could not do the job for you then you will have to "chime" it yourself and then watch for the good results.
  • Do not use a red sofa set: The colour red represent the element of fire. And for Feng Shui, some places simply cannot have the colour red in that sector. For example: the wealth area or some other sectors which without a Feng Shui check would be unable to tell you where it is. A red sofa sets gives rise to heavy work pressure, troubles and obstacles.
  • Always open your bedroom windows at least once 20 minutes a day to allow fresh chi to come in, we do this so that it allows fresh new chi from outside to come into your bedroom, if not you will be sleeping with stale chi every night. And if that happens, then how can you expect your life to bring in more good fortune to come to you? So open that window and never mind if dusts comes in! The great good fortune that you can have will far exceeds the time you take to clean off the dust.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Cinnamon Magic

Add an extra sprinkle of cinnamon to that pancake. Recent American research has indicated that this popular spice could actually lower one’s blood sugar, triglyceride and cholesterol levels. It may also improve insulin function in type 2 diabetics. Cinnamon is known as a “warming” herb that stimulates circulation and warms hands and feet.
Take action: Only half a teaspoon of cinnamon per day is enough for you to reap the benefits. But be warned, excessive use can be toxic.

Source: health24

Increasing brain power

A deficiency in vitamin B1 (Thiamin) can cause mental confusion. You can obtain Thiamin naturally from: wheat germ, brewers yeast, green peas, bran, nuts, meat and fortified cereals.

Vitamin B2
(Riboflavin) helps to increase your memory: You can find it in liver, milk, almonds, dark green vegetables, mushrooms, pasta and bread as well as fortified cereals.

present in: dark green leafy vegetables, deep orange or yellow fruits and vegetables.

(enables the red blood cells to send oxygen throughout the body) : You can find it in green leafy vegetables, raisins, peanut butter, eggs, liver, shellfish, lean meats, soybeans and molasses.For memory and concentration,

Zinc : eat seafood, oysters, fish, legumes, cereals, whole grains, dark-meat turkey.
Foods to increase mental alertness: low fat yogurt, turkey, skim milk

: You can get it in chocolate, soft drinks, teas and coffee - (increases concentration, faster responses and quicker thinking): only 2 cups a day are necessary to keep you mentally alert. Drink one cup first thing in the morning and another early-mid afternoon. Any more after that doesn't make any difference in performance.

Vitamin B6
(Pyridoxine) helps the long term memory: available in whole grain cereals and breads, spinach, bananas, liver and avocados.

one of the oldest trees on earth is known to increase the blood flow to the brain which helps to improve the memory. You can find Ginkgo at any health food or drug stores.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Shilpa Shetty's Beauty Tips

Shilpa looks healthy because she gets a regular eight hours sleep a night. Try to sleep in room with no light whatsoever as the brain can detect even the smallest amount and your sleep will be disturbed. Buy an eye mask to cover your eyes at night and any remaining light will diminish. And during the day, take a tip from Shilpa and, if the sun's bright - even in winter - don a pair of protective, UV resistant sunglasses. They'll help prevent wrinkles caused by squinting.

Author :Ally Pyle

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Chinese Green Tea - Health Benefits

The secret of green tea lies in the fact it is rich in catechins polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is a powerful anti-oxidant. It has the power of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells as well as kills cancer cells without harming healthy tissue. It has also been effective in lowering LDL cholesterol levels, and inhibiting the abnormal formation of blood clots.