Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Health tips

Types of fat and which is the best?
Highly Recommended for Health :
a.Olive Oil - It does not absorb in our body.
b.Fish Oil - Omega 3 (contained in NI’s Circulytes) has poly-unsaturated fat. It’s good for our brain cells.
c.Peanut Oil - It contains Vitamin E. A small dosage is recommended only..

Specific Food & Beverages
a.Egg when eaten too much can cause High Colon Cancer, Risk Ovary Cancer, Prostate Cancer.
b.Cabbage is highly recommended for health reason.
c. Tomato is best eaten raw with a bit of olive oil for better absorption. Other alternative is to take tomato sauce. Do not boil – tomatoes became acidic when boiled.
d.A little coffee is good because it contains 2 anti- oxidants. Inhale coffee aroma for half each day is equivalent to eating 2 oranges a day. However, the residue of over-burned coffee is extremely bad for health. It can cause cancer.
e.Tea, as long as it is in its original tealeaves and not processed into BOH or Lipton packets, it is good for health. Tea contains 30 anti-oxidants. Recommended dosage is a cup a day..

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