Monday, April 2, 2007

Breakfast Boosts Brain Power

Kids who eat breakfast seem to have an easier time learning than kids who don't eat breakfast. Breakfast eaters

- are able to concentrate on learning

- make fewer errors

- are more creative

- work faster

Kids who eat breakfast are more likely to be in school than non-breakfast eaters. Breakfast eaters are :

- less likely to be absent

- less likely to be late

- less likely to be sitting in the school nurse's office with a stomachache or headache


tulipspeaks said...

its true even for adults. breakfast the most important meal of the day.



anits said...

Yeah. Some of them, they said they are on diet and skip their meals especially breakfast. Thanks ammu for the comments

surjit said...

I think breaking fast after 8 hours is necessary to keep oneself healthy and cheerful.Best wishes.

anits said...

Yes its true surjit. Make sure to take your breakfast ;)
Thank you for the comments