Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Herbal Database

lfalfa - Medicago sativa
Excellent for bad breathe, has a high chlorophyll content.
Aloe - Aloe Vera
Juice of this plant helps reduce pain, gel from plant helps prevent infection and speeds healing of burns, drink helps reduce size of kidney stones.
Angelica -Angelica archangelica L
Arthritis remedy - contains anti-inflammatory compounds. Relaxes the windpipe - may be useful for asthma sufferers.
Artichoke -Cynara scolymus L.
(The flower or head) enhances sexual desire, never scientifically proven. relieves excess water gain, reduces cholesterol, improves liver function.
Balm -Melissa officinalis L.
Tranquilizer, sedative.
Barberry -Berberis vulgaris L.
Contains substance called berberine that possesses infection-fighting properties. Stimulates the immune system, treats pink eye, urinary tract infections.
Basil -Ocimum bacilicum L
Good for acne, has anti-bacterial properties.
Bayberry -Myrica cerifera L
Treats diarrhea.
Black Haw -Viburnum prunifolium L.
Bark of this North American native contains a chemical called salicin which is closely related to salicyclic acid (the main ingredient in Aspirin) as a result can be used to relieve arthritis inflammation and pain.
Bladderwrack -Fucus versiculosis L.
(Kelp:a common seaweed) helps goiter caused by under active thyroid gland.

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