Friday, February 2, 2007

Good news for chocolate lover

Could Chocolate Have A Potential Health Benefit?

There is good news for chocolate lovers: chocolate may actually be good for your health. Not only does it taste good, but chocolate may be a good source of essential nutrients. Studies done by the Mayo clinic, University of California, and Pennsylvania State University are saying that chocolate is a potential source of nutrients that can assist your body. Traditionally viewed as an unhealthy food, chocolate could prove to be more helpful than harmful.

Chocolate also contains antioxidants or flavanoids, in particular, which may help to prevent cardiovascular disease. Antioxidants help to prevent or delay certain damage to the body's cells and tissues as well as fight against free radicals. Not all chocolate contains an equal health benefit potential, however, which can be seen when comparing dark chocolate to milk chocolate. Dark chocolate contains more than twice the amount of antioxidants that milk chocolate does and has fewer calories. White chocolate, though, contains no cocoa, and therefore holds no real potential for nutritional benefits. If you are want to incorporate chocolate into your diet, dark chocolate would be best.

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