Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Its all about eYeBRow

The Eyebrows

  • The eyebrow speaks of reputation, fame and temperament too. In many cases I have found a developed brow line also shows a high degree of dexterity or ability with the hands (engineers, electronics, civil engineers, drafts persons and architects). Individuals who are observant and who have to combine refined measurements with dexterity will have the brow line well developed.

  • The highly arched or ideal brow often seen in the faces of film stars is described as a dramatic brow.

  • The low set brow reveals an impulsive temperament whilst a higher brow signals a more cautious attitude to decision making.

  • A single thick brow over the nose bridge is a sign of intensity and possessive or jealous nature.

  • A straight brow is the sign of an aesthetic and sensitive temperament.

Source: astrology.com.au


Keshi said...

very ineteresting post Anits.

I have thick, dark, low, long brows...wut does that mean? :)


anits said...

hi keshi..i wil get back to ur question soon! thx dear