Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Lipstick Shape Personality Test

5. Tip rounded to a point
  • Lovable
  • Family-oriented
  • A "doer"
  • Can give orders easily
  • Domestic
  • Exaggerates sometimes
  • Stubborn over little things
  • Needs people around

6. Flat top

  • To the point
  • High morals
  • Needs approval
  • Careful about appearances
  • Very dependable
  • Conservative
  • Quick mind
  • Love Challenges

7. Flat top concave

  • Makes a great detective
  • Makes friends easily
  • Inquisitive
  • Adventurous
  • A 'prober'
  • Complex
  • Exciting

8. Sharp angles both sides

  • Spiritual
  • Curious
  • Seeks attention
  • Mysterious
  • Big ego
  • Faithful
  • Looks for easy way
  • Loves life


Keshi said...



Shruti said...

i rarely use lipstick, so cant say what kind suits me..
you have made a nice place out here..
Take care

Keshi said...

wut r ur fav lipstick colors? Mine r usually earthy latte, copper, chocolate, bronze etc etc.


anits said...

hi keshi..mine is maroon...n i like to mix with pink color..i think u must have fair complexion so earthy color will suits u...

Keshi said...

nah I aint tan...but those colors look better on me than the maroons somehow :)