Monday, June 9, 2008

My colleague's wedding

Bride & Groom

Sharan and kala with My colleague Jega and her husband

Me, sharan n kala

Cute little angel


Keshi said...

beautiful pics!

ur looking GORGEOUS Anits WOW! Nice saree - love it!


anits said...

thx dear... hv a nice day!

tulipspeaks said...

i think there are only 3 reasons why i like to attend weddings/wedding dinners:

1. networking/cuci-mata/get-to-gether of frens (but stay away from aunties who will nag u with questions about ur own wedding)

2. compare sarees (see, i loathe seeing a gal wearing a saree i saw/bargained and didn't get to buy coz its way too expensive for me)

3. food (needs no further explanation)