Friday, May 18, 2007

Pigmentation Solution

Do you know that tulsi (basil) will help in solving pigmentation problem.
Solution: Make a paste from basil (tulsi) leaves and water to use on the affected skin.

Its an easy treatment!


Raju said...

Hi, my first time here.. Excellent blog, with superb tips. Learnt a lot.. will make use of the goodness of fruits and vegetables for a healthy living..

BTW, u mentioned that eating a lot of eggs will cause colon cancer.. is it valid for egg whites as well? I take 6-7 egg whites at times.. Plz clarify.. thanks

anits said...

Hi raju thx for visiting my blog. As far as I concerned, egg whites dont have any dangerous. And it is source of protein. So you can hv your 6-7 egg whites and enjoy yourself! :)