Sunday, September 7, 2008

Flower Arrangements Class - Part 1

Guess what guyz..I have attended flower arrangement class last saturday organized by our company.. and this is the final output of mine!! How is it?


tulipspeaks said...

yellow roses are my fav! i just love them..
nice arrangement :)


Keshi said...

wow Anits ur mult-faceted!


anits said...

@hi ammu...thatz cool..i love pink..thx yah..:)

@hi keshi..jst gave a try oni :)

kavis said...

amoiyiii...its'beautiful arrangments.F a great day!!tc.

Solitaire said...

I am quite bad at flower arrangement stuff. You seem to have a knack for it!

anits said...

hi solitare.. :) dun wory its very easy ..myslf also not so good..i just followed the instructor :)
hv a nice day

heavengalteddy said...

Hi Akka,
You have the talent to open florist shop.. So, any plan???