Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One moment please

The Moment you are in Tension
You will lose your Attention
Then you are in total Confusion
And you will feel Irritation
Then you will spoil personal Relation
Ultimately, you won't get Co –Operation
Then you will make things Complication
Then your blood pressure may raise Caution
And you may have to take Medication

Instead, understand the
And try to think about the

Many problems will be solved by Discussion
This will work out better in your Profession
Don't think it's my free Suggestion
It's only for your
If you understand my
You will never come again to
- Bill Gates


kavis said...

Hi anits! its great msg...if every1 follow then NO tension,NO BP in life right!!!

anits said...

hi kavis darling...correct wat u said life is so let us live our life happily..tcare...

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Agreed..lifes so beautiful and to live it in full we need to seek the happiness even if its available as if its rationed
Nice quote anits & thanks for sharing !!

Keshi said...

the msg is great but Anits when ppl r in tension, there's no way they can see sense. It takes a while to calm down isnt it?


Compassion Unlimitted said...

What a surprise ,in my blog & in my reply to you I talked of tension and when I visit here You have talked about solution to tension..ESP ?

anits said...

@ CU haha what a co-incident we talk abt tension ;) hv a nice day

@hi keshi darling...true wat u said..wen v r in tension...really v cant see any sense :)

surjit said...

Wonderful!!!!!Thanks Anits, for heavy dose of wisdom..
God bless.

Anonymous said...

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tulipspeaks said...

tension na irukum pothe eppadi naa anthe situation ne understand pannipen? :S


Keshi said...

hows u darl? :)


anits said...

@hi ammu...athe unmai tha...ithe lam thathevum pechi hehe

@hi keshi fine thx yah...tcare

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