Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What is the secret of happiness?

I found the answer in my house
The wall says b strong
The ceiling says aim high
The door say b open
The window says learn to give n take

The clock says time is gold
The calendar says love everyday as if it were the last
The cabinet says keep things in order
The bed says take time to relax
The lamp says b the light
And GOD who is found everywhere in my house says-
keep the faith because I am with you


Keshi said...

very beautiful!


flyingstars said...

lovely reading this post...beautifully written!

Keshi said...

hows ya hun?


anits said...

hi keshi me ok..busy a bit with work..*sigh

surjit said...

A wonderful message delivered in a poetic way. Thanks Anits, for sharing.
God bless.

Keshi said...

Anits I need ur input in my today's post :) tnxx hun!