Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lunch at CRAZY ICECREAM with my CRAZY friends

The creative designs on the wall

Yummy fried rice

Hmmm..chicken chop!

Hmm Haida..admiring the food..cant wait ah?!

Me feeding sharan..so much enjoying the food

Posing after having the food ...its me zairene

hmm..hmm..the food taste so good!

Hi dieana..what are you enjoying so much?

The banana split


Anonymous said...

So enjoyable hvg lunch with u all...yesterday!


Sharan said...

The food was so gud! yummy...wen is the next visit to crazy icecream

dee said...

hi..it is a enjoyable lunch that day plus with gosip ;p hehehe thanks,gimme join lunch on that day...see u at d office..ahaks..